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Eigh8t The Chosen One - The Rap Apocalypse.rar

Eigh8t The Chosen One was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on September 9, 1980. He lived there for two years before moving to Illinois. As a young child, he was always very artistic in writing and drawing. Around the age of 9 he was introduced to hip hop by his older cousin and from then on he always knew he wanted to create some type of music. One of the first rap songs Eigh8t ever heard was One hundred miles and Runnin' by NWA. The beat mesmerized him so much that he would play the song on his walkman over and over until the cassette tape wore out. It was then that he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. He wanted to be a rapper. Eigh8t grew up in a rough part of town and had to walk to and from school everyday through gang territory. Needless to say, he learned very quickly which colors not to wear. He was an only child from a single parent home and there wasnt anyone around to show him the ropes of the street. His family moved around a lot due to the violence of the inner city and economic strain. This is where he got the inspiration to start writing songs. Being able to express his frustration about his life and current situation would lay the groundwork for what would later become the inevitable. At age 13, Eights family moved back to Sanford Florida. In middle school, he was labeled EH (emotionally handicapped) and as having a BD (behavior disorder). Coming from a troubled childhood like many other youths from the inner city, the move from Illinois to Florida was nothing short of a culture shock. Feeling out of place he turned to the only place where he truly felt he belonged. In 2000 at the age 19, Eigh8t became serious about his music. He worked 2 and sometimes 3 jobs to get enough money to record at a studio in a nearby city. He would work a 9 or 10 hour day on the railroad and carry a mini sized composition notebook wherever he went to write down random thoughts that he didnt want to forget. Later when he got home from work, he would put all his thoughts together and that would be the basis for a song. At one time, he was so determined to get enough money for studio time that he enrolled in a medical study program. This facility would run random medical studies on him for weeks at a time. He would endure a series of daily injections (14) and was not allowed to leave the grounds. He used this time to write and perfect his craft. At the end of the study he would go back to his normal job on the railroad. This would be his life for the next 4 years. Within the next few years, Eigh8ts dreams began to come true.. or so he thought. He went on to work with many producers and tried out for local talent shows. A short time after, he began working with 2 producers that helped him on 2 underground albums that were never released. Due to creative differences the team separated and Eigh8t would meet Chris Onsik Milazzo, C.E.O. of RealSkillz Records, through a mutual friend. The two hit it off immediately, and started recording mix tapes. One of the things he was most known for at the time was his vicious style of battle rapping, leaving the street and the internet with a combined record of 96 and 1. A few notable underground rappers he accumulated victories over consist of DZK, BEKAY, and WHITEOUT. After 4 years, and a multitude of life changing events, Eigh8t and Onsik would eventually separate but still remain friends. Working a manual labor job consisting of 10-14 hour days, Eigh8thechosenone soon realized that his talent would go to waste if he didnt put it to use. Now would be the MOMENT OF TRUTH. Eigh8t invested 3 years of his earnings into creating an album that would not only change the way hip hop/rap was made but also the way its looked at. Here we are at present day with the album entitled The artist the radio wont play and the Industry wont let you hear. This album was made with the intention to change the face of music and wake the fans up. The most mind blowing aspect of this album is that Eigh8t handed it out completely free of charge. He believes in his music so much that he was fine with the fact that he didnt make one penny off the album as long as he was able to touch one person. Eigh8t believes that if he is able to touch just one person with his music, that one person will tell a few. In turn, a few will tell many and his message will spread like a virus. As a long time listener, and avid fan of all types of music, I am here to tell you that he was absolutely correct in saying that this album has changed the way I view hip hop/rap. I chose to write this bio for free after having the album sent to me and listening to it from track 1 to track 16. Hence, I am one of the few now, spreading to many. And to straight download his debut Album, The Artist the Radio won't Play and the Industry won't let you Hear hit up and educate yourself, bitch. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

Eigh8t the Chosen One - The Rap Apocalypse.rar




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