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Where Can I Buy An Otterbox For Iphone 6 Plus

Is your heart set on getting an Otterbox case for your iPhone 6? Or are you reading this article while in a big box store and all you have in front of you are Otterbox cases? Well, we can definitely help you decide which case to get. Looking for other iPhone 6 cases? Check out our comparison tool:

where can i buy an otterbox for iphone 6 plus

For screen protection, the only two Otterbox cases that come with screen protectors are the Commuter and Defender. The Commuter is sticky screen protector where the Defender is built into the case. We will note that during our 40 ft drop of the Defender, the iPHone 6 landed screen first on a gravel parking lot and the iPhone 6 screen did not shatter.

*To identify your iPhone model number, see For details on LTE support, contact your carrier and see 6 may ship with iOS 8. iOS 9 will be available as a free download beginning September 16.

Note that there was a problem with the batteries in the iPhone 6 and 6s models with Apple criticised for slowing down older phones to prevent shutdowns and maximise battery life. There was a program in place whereby Apple would replace the batteries but that is now finished (Apple ran a free replacement program from 2016 to the end of 2017 and a paid for program until the end of 2018). Read more about the battery problems here.

The Poetic Affinity Case (opens in new tab) is designed to protect your iPhone 6S Plus only where it needs protecting. So for example the edges have an anti-slip design to make it easier to grip and shock absorption in case you do still drop it.

There are also raised anti-scratch stripes along the back, but in areas where the phone is less likely to be damaged or stressed the case is kept sleek, minimal and transparent, so your iPhone 6S Plus still looks good in it.

I am looking into getting an iphone this my kids they have taken over my 4 iPads. If I get an iPhone that would solve the problem. My son has the 6 and told me to go with the 6+ 128 model. Thanks for the article great points.

I am a teacher. Many cell phone companies, Verizon in my case (no pun intended!), not only offer educators a discount on their cell plan, but also discounts on accessories. I bought my Tech21 case from Verizon for $29 with the discount. Not only educators qualify for these discounts so check with your carrier to see if you qualify because of where you work. 041b061a72


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