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Mount and Blade With Fire and Sword-Serial Key - YouTube

Mount and Blade With Fire and Sword: A Historical Action RPG

If you are a fan of medieval warfare, historical fiction, or open-world games, you might have heard of Mount and Blade With Fire and Sword. This is a standalone expansion for the popular action role-playing game Mount & Blade, developed by TaleWorlds Entertainment and Snowberry Connection. In this article, we will explore what makes this game unique, what are its features and drawbacks, how to download and install it on your PC, and how to use serial keys for it.

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The Setting and Story of Mount and Blade With Fire and Sword

The historical background of the game and the factions involved

Mount and Blade With Fire and Sword is set in the 17th century Eastern Europe, during a turbulent period known as the Deluge. This was a series of wars that involved several countries such as Poland, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Lithuania, Moldavia, Transylvania, Crimea, Denmark, Brandenburg, France, England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Bohemia, Saxony, Bavaria, Venice, Genoa, Malta, Papal States, Ottoman Empire, Persia, Cossacks, Tartars, Mongols, etc.

The game features five playable factions that are based on real historical entities. They are:

  • The Kingdom of Sweden: A powerful military force that aims to conquer Poland-Lithuania under King Charles X Gustav.

  • The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth: A large feudal state that struggles to defend its territory from foreign invaders under King John II Casimir.

  • The Tsardom of Russia: A rising empire that seeks to expand its borders under Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.

  • The Cossack Hetmanate: A rebel state that fights for independence from Poland-Lithuania under Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

  • The Crimean Khanate: A vassal state of the Ottoman Empire that raids its neighbors for slaves and loot under Khan Mehmed IV Giray.

The main storyline and the side quests of the game

The game has a main storyline that follows a fictional character named Jan Skrzetuski. He is a Polish nobleman who serves as a captain in the Polish army. He falls in love with a Ukrainian girl named Helena Kurcewiczówna. However, their romance is interrupted by the outbreak of war between Poland-Lithuania and Sweden. Jan has to fight his way through various battles and sieges to reunite with his beloved Helena.

The game also has many side quests that can be obtained from various NPCs such as lords, merchants, tavern keepers, village elders, etc. These quests can range from delivering messages or goods, escorting caravans or prisoners, hunting bandits or deserters


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