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We Buy Used Suits __FULL__

eBay vendors usually will provide jacket chest width, jacket length, sleeve length, pants waist size and inseam length measurements in their descriptions for used suits. Here is a video that shows you how to measure a suit jacket that fits you well.

we buy used suits

Compare the measurements of the used suit you plan to purchase on eBay to a suit that fits you well. Sometimes, used suits may be the size you need but may have been altered by the original owner. Comparing measurements will ensure that the suit will still be a good fit with minimal alterations.

A fused construction suit glues a lower quality interlining into the front panel of the jacket. Nearly all inexpensive suits (below $500 retail) use fused interlining construction. It is the lowest quality of suit construction. Suit jackets with poor quality fused construction interlinings may separate with repeated dry cleaning (you may start to see puckering on the lapel and jacket front as the glued interlining separates from the outer cloth) and do not last nearly as long as sewn half-canvas or full canvas suit construction.

Better modern suits made of lighter weight fabrics that feature half canvas and full canvas interlining construction usually add lightweight fusing as well to give the front of the jacket a bit more body and weight. In summary, cheaper suits will have fused interlining construction, better quality modern suits will feature half or full canvas interlining plus some fusing in construction.

Generally, you dry-clean only when your suit is visibly soiled or dirty. Dry cleaning chemicals inevitably shorten the life of any suit. Dry clean as infrequently as possible (once a year is recommended). By thrift-shopping you can inexpensively acquire a collection of quality suits that are worn in rotation, minimizing the need for frequent dry-cleaning. With these simple precautions, you will be able to get years of good looks and wear from your suit.

Generally, in mass-market brands, the more fashionable a suit is, the poorer the quality. A quality suit is made to last for many years so it will not have the latest faddish details. Buy for longevity. My favorite blazer was purchased used at a thrift shop thirty years ago for $25.00. It has full canvas construction, wears beautifully, and still gets compliments each time I wear it. You can always update the look of a conservative well-made suit with your choice of shirt, tie, and accessories.

If you pay careful attention to the suit measurements mentioned in tip #1 you may need only minimal alterations. Be sure that the suit fits well in the shoulders, as that can be a prohibitively expensive alteration. Generally, waist, cuff, and sleeves can be easily altered. Truthfully, unless you are a fairly standard size, alterations are necessary whether you buy new or used suits.

If you have purchased a used suit on eBay with measurements that match a suit that fits you well, you will avoid more difficult and expensive alterations. You may also find that certain brands fit you better than others. If you buy good quality, that used suit will easily give you ten years or more of service. You may decide that it is worth the expense of professional tailoring.

I purchased an inexpensive sewing machine (Brother 17 Stitch Sewing Machine for $75.00 at Walmart) and taught myself to do basic alterations. It was a great investment, allowing me to do waist, sleeve length and inseam alterations quite easily on my suits, shirts, and pants.

You can put together a high-quality wardrobe very inexpensively by buying used both online and in local thrift shops. The more you know about clothing quality the better you will become at sniffing out true bargains. Two excellent books on menswear that I recommend are found in this post. There are many helpful Youtube videos and websites that can help you to learn more about this subject. Educate yourself and you will save tons of money!

Sorry but we DO NOT buy modern off the peg high street brand suits. We get so many emails for these and cannot answer all of these queries. Apologies but we can only reply to those that are of interest.

I've had lots of headaches in the past trying to sell things over $30 on eBay before, and my guess is that selling a suit would be an utter nightmare. Anyone have experience selling suits on eBay? Is it worth the trouble?

Fully-fledged pieces of a man's wardrobe, suits confer a superb allure on any man. In regular, slim or extra slim versions, a suit reveals a personality, at times classic and chic, at others modern and stylish. In order to carry off a man's suit properly, both the jacket and the trousers should fit perfectly.

Alessandro Squarzi, named by Esquire magazine as the world's best-dressed man, was happy to own up to the fact that every designer had a reference body shape and based the cut of their men's suits on different standard sizes. Choosing between sporty, svelte, slim and athletic cuts comes down to your physique, the shape of your body. The choice is varied and each design is more elegant than the last, between jackets with two or three buttons, double breasted jackets, with contrasting details or without, high-waist trousers or fitted, with or without a money pocket, mono colour, pinstripes or Prince of Wales check, made in wool, cotton, viscose, linen, silk or cashmere.

Amongst the must-have suits for men, we will remember the pinstripe pieces by the label Corneliani for a businessman style. Depending on the season, you can opt for a Valentino suit in linen or Italian wool to give you an immaculate but laid-back look for day-to-day. The originality of light tones and the prestige of silk are perfect for an evening do or a special occasion, for which a good choice would be a 3-piece suit by a renowned fashion house such as Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton or Givenchy. If it comes with a metallic effect or in a purple, lead or mocha tint, a Paul Smith extra slim suit reveals audacity and a mischievous temperament.

What to look for: As with all safety gear, make sure it is in excellent condition, no tears, rips or worn-through areas. Be sure to make sure the suit has the proper rating for your organization (Typically SFI 3.2A/5 or FIA 8856-2000). Note: Most road racing clubs do not allow two piece suits, look for one piece. Check for damage and bad wear, give it a good sniff over, and #SendIt.

Considering getting a used suit? Dave from answered some of my lingering questions about buying used suits: Important Information about buying Used Racing Suits: -An Interview with Race Image

MTailor was featured on Shark Tank in 2013 and although it wasn't as successful on getting funded on the TV show, it's gone on to become a multi-million dollar business all on its own. MTailor creates a custom suit from your measurements at home with a twist: You'll use an app to take pictures of yourself in your best-fitted clothing, and MTailor will do the rest. The company boldly claims their app is 20% more accurate than a tailor. Suits range between $399 and $799, and countless 5-star reviews from satisfied customers mean these suits might be the most no-brainer purchase you've ever made.

Men's Wearhouse has been the go-to place for many when they need to snatch up a suit for the next big event, and it still holds out as one of the top places to buy a suit. Not only is Men's Wearhouse affordable, they have a variety of styles: tuxedos, slim fit, patterned suits, and some of the top suit makers in the world. Men's Wearhouse also offers in-person alteration and same-day hemming, so if you find a suit you love but isn't quite the right fit, Men's Wearhouse will take care of it for you.

Suitshop has fantastic reviews, especially from those who used Suitshop to dress the wedding party. With inexpensive, quality suits starting at $224, you can find one that matches your personality and fit. Suitshop has a range of sizes and colors, and their website has a fit finder that helps you decide your perfect fit. Their suits ship in 1-2 business days, making Suitshop perfect for those last-minute buys.

If you're looking for suits by Armani, BOSS, or Versace that you can later get tailored yourself, Nordstrom has an amazing selection of suits by the biggest in fashion. Nordstrom has pinstripes, wool blends, and more, and you can snag a very high-quality suit from some of the leading menswear designers in the business. Nordstrom also handles returns on a case-by-case basis without a time limit, so if you find your suit can't be tailored to your satisfaction, Nordstrom will work with you on a free return. The retailer also offers alteration and tailoring services on-site, and for certain Nordy Club member tiers, you can get those alterations for free.

Indochino prides itself on making suits custom to order. Their suit catalog ranges between $319 and $549 with linen and wool blends, cashmere, and cotton-spandex. Indochino has showrooms all over the country, and you have the option of getting measured and fitted in person. However, their online customization is extremely detailed down to the button color and shoulder type. Reviewers note that Indochino alterations can be hit or miss, and it's also important to keep in mind that they don't give refunds unless the quality is not up to expectation.

While you won't find Armani at Asos, they have some decent, inexpensive suits in a pinch. Ideally, you'll buy a size that you can get tailored, but if not, they have a wide range of sizes between 0 and 52. Asos is one of the only places we noticed an array of eye-catching suits, so if a bold and in-your-face style is up your alley, take a look.

Jos A. Bank has a variety of suits for reasonable prices. Their suits are very classic, including slim-fit tuxedos and executive collection suits. With solid prices (ranging between $250 and $600 for a full suit) and quick, free shipping of only 1-2 days out from your order, Jos A. Bank is a great place to find that quintessential look that you'll always be able to wear once you have it tailored to your taste. 041b061a72


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