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Tibyan Ul Quran Jild 11 Pdf 24 ##HOT##

this method is best for literary interpretations of the quran as it avoids unnecessary repetition and aimless discussion of the repetitive verses. however, this method may not be applicable to a verse which appears to be divinely revealed as a response to a condition.

Tibyan Ul Quran Jild 11 Pdf 24

on the other hand, the shii, since they follow the imam of the muslims in interpreting the quran, have been given the obligation to find the most suitable legal ruling. the imam of the shii, in his commentary will select the legal ruling which he considers to be the most suitable and practical. however, he will also give a fair treatment to both the verse and the ruling.

the shii have a keen interest in the history of the imams of the ahl al-bayt. they are interested in the history of each and every detail in the life of the prophet and his family. thus the shii have an interest in the history of the imams and their families. as such, the shii devote a significant amount of time and energy in tracing the genealogy of the imams. this is not because they are concerned about the genealogy but because the imams were the most pure and knowledgeable of all the muslims in their understanding of the divine laws. they were the most knowledgeable about the divine laws as it was believed that they were more familiar with the quran.

all the shii authorities agree that the imams and the members of the house of the prophet were the most learned people in the world. as a result, the shii consider the opinions of the imams and their companions as equal to the opinions of the quran. in this sense, the shii are more concerned with the status and prestige of the imams than the legitimacy of their opinions. therefore, the shii are very careful to accept the opinions of the imams and companions of the prophet.


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