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Family Fun Friday Pizza Night

Friday is usually Pizza Night in my house. We normally pop a pizza in the oven or grab one from a pizza shop. But this time we decided to make our own pizzas. It is so fun to get the kids involved and share some family time. My son had so much fun he completely forgot about his TV time.

We used the Roasted Garlic Naan bread from Whole Foods. It was the perfect size for personal pizzas and not too "bready". I will definitely be using it again for our next pizza night. One pack has four pieces of naan bread. We purchased two packs.

Here are the fun pizza variations we made

  • Margarita Pizza

  • Pepperoni

  • Veggie Supreme

  • Vegan Supreme

What do you do for your family fun nights?

See the full list on ingredients below.


Pizza Night Shopping List

Personal Naan Bread Pizzas

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