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Happy Mother’s Day Mom

Pamela Clark

I had a beautiful Mom-versation with my mother, Pamela Clark, about her experience parenting my siblings and I. She is a childhood educator, director, entrepreneur and loving wife to her recently deceased husband and best friend of 36 years. I wanted to honor her today by celebrating her with this post.

My mom has been through so much, but grace radiates from her like the sun. She just shines. Even in the recent loss of her husband, her “left and right arm”, I’ve seen the greatest undergirding of strength. In our conversation, she shares so many golden nuggets that I’m excited to share with you.

You can do anything with a plan

My parents started a family and got married when they were 19 and 20. She opened up about how she had to be creative with limited funds. From birthdays, to grocery shopping, to Christmas, my mom always figured out a way to make things work. She was so organized- her grocery lists had the exact price next to each item. Every birthday and Christmas was full of fun with memories that will last a lifetime.

Let your Yes’s be more than your No’s

During her children’s teenage years, my mom discussed how she wanted to make her yes’s be more than her no’s, while still creating healthy boundaries. However, her most difficult season was the dating season. As teenagers, her children were not allowed to have boy/girl friends. She created the term “special friend”. Pamela explained, “relationships as a Christian has everything to do with how we support one another. There is a standard of life that we live by and a special friend would protect that”.

Supernatural mommy powers

Pamela shared powerful testimonies of healing and provision that encouraged my soul. With guidance from the Holy Spirit, she raised her children to honor God, serve others, and to be grateful for what they have. As a busy mom of three, she found intimate moments with God. “My showers would be, the upper room” she said. “Wherever I was, God met me right there”.

When to release your children

When is it time to release your children into adulthood? Is it based on age, maturity level or stage in life? My mom shares details on when she knew it was time to release each of her children. “Like the birds know when it’s time to kick their babies out of the nest, you will know,” she illustrates. But when they are released into the world “that’s when the crying starts”. My mom shares how prayer helped her trust God as she moved to another position in her children’s lives.

Being a Wife

My parents were married for 36 years and together for 39. The last golden nugget she dropped was about being found as a wife. Many times the emphasis is put on the wife being the good thing. But a man looking for a wife is stepping into the role as Christ is with His church. She encourages women to know that it is a humbling thing to be found and covered by her husband.

Mom, I am so blessed to have a mother like you. Thank you for allowing me to share one of our precious conversations with the world. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

Pamela Clark's handles: facebook instagram

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