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Mom-versation with Ericka Webb

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

I am so excited to share with you my conversation with one of my dearest friends Ericka Webb. We've been friends since we were teenagers. She is a wife, mom of four, homeschool educator, content creator and a Youth Pastor (she has a scroll for a resume guys). We had so much to talk about that I had to break our discussion up into two parts. In the first half we discuss how to start homeschooling, establishing your why and the difference between homeschool vs school at home. The second half, which will be loaded next week, we discuss parenting, discipline, and having "The Talk" with our kids. Here is a quick recap of our mom-versation. Scroll down for her handles and BONUS music video of the Sanctified Vessels featuring Ericka Webb .

How do I get started? I'm not a "real" teacher.

  • You are the first teacher in your child's life. Whether it is academics or practical life our children are learning from us all the time

  • Prepare your heart for homeschooling. Understand your why

  • You don't have to re invent the wheel. join a group. Talk to parents who are homeschooling now. you are not alone.

Homeschool vs school at home

Home is guiding the education

Homeschool is when home is the center of what you are teaching. It is led by the sense of family, love and wisdom.

School at home is driven by the education system and all the requirements for that system

What is your why?

I want to help my children to discover and go on a search for the kingdom

Many times when I hear reasons why families choose to homeschool, the answer is usually fear based. The most common reason is "I don't want my kids to be influenced by the world". But when I asked Ericka this question, it was the most beautiful faith filled answer I have ever heard. She said, "the world's definition of success and the American dream it too small. It is my goal to help my children discover and go on search for the kingdom".

Mommy Mommy vs Teacher Mommy

You can be consistently inconsistent.
  • Consistency is key: consistency is NOT doing the same thing perfectly all the time. You can be consistently inconsistent. Example: academic school can be on M, W, and F.

  • Have school sandwiched in between an indicator for school time. i.e a song, music or sound

  • Create separation: have another name for yourself or wear a t-shirt/apron that is only for school time

  • Build in unstructured wonder in your day

  • BONUS- Don't ever embrace shame: your children's behavior has nothing to do with your parenting. It's just their behavior. Simply address the behavior without the weight of shame or embarrassment.

Ericka is an incredible resource to families and aspiring homeschoolers. You can connect with her on any of her handles

Facebook: @Ae Webb

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