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Mom-versation with Tiffany Donaldson

Tiffany Donaldson is a devoted wife and mom of two who realized that she was experiencing postpartum depression after having both of her children through C-section. The Lord gave her the encouragement to write down what she was feeling at the time. After a while she had written a book. Her book called "Think on These Things" (Amazon affiliate link) is a beautiful diary and devotional written by a mom for moms. I’m so glad she was obedient. Here are a few hot topics from our discussion.

How to recognize the signs of Postpartum Depression

After having a baby your body will go through natural hormonal changes. One of the hardest things to recognize is when it goes beyond then normal circumstances. Tiffany says she went from feeling tired to never wanting to get out of bed.She went from feeling antisocial to never wanting to go anywhere. When she realize that she was dealing with postpartum depression she immediately begin to look for tools and resources. When in doubt always pray and ask God for help in guidance.

What Inspired you to write your book?

When Tiffany begin to look for tools and resources, she realized that there was a scarcity. With the encouragement of her heavenly father she was inspired her to write this devotional. She knew that it needed to be something that was relatable, quick and spoke straight to the heart of the situation. God gave her the grace and the wisdom to write this book to encourage other women going through the same thing she did.

How to deal with loneliness?

The word of God and creating an atmosphere of worship is what she used to battle the spirit of loneliness. During the pandemic many moms were alone and without their support systems. I truly believe that having these tools can help so many other women overcome any battle in their life. The enemy tries to fight your mind the most when you’re isolated. It is so important to have a strategy to defeat the him. When you are in your most vulnerable state play the word of God, start listening to worship music or turn on an encouraging message on YouTube. This was the way Tiffany was able to feed her spirit the truth of Hebrews 13:5.

When did you feel relief from PPD?

Tiffany said that she began to feel more relief as her children became independent. Once her child was weaned she felt a little bit more freedom. When your children are babies they depend on you for everything. Many times moms can feel drained and overwhelmed. God literally has to give you a surplus of strength, energy and ability for you to give to your babies.

What has God taught you about yourself and about Him?

The biggest lesson she learned for herself was patience. God was teaching her how to be patient with herself, her children and her family. He was teaching her how to be patient in the process. Your children won’t be babies always so learn to enjoy each age and stage of their life. Because it is only season and it is over before you know it.

What she learned about God was He is a Teacher in the moment. When you don’t know what to do or how to do God will literally be a teacher. In areas where you feel in adequate or under resourced the wisdom of God will give you a quick download right in that moment if we ask and rely on his help

I loved this conversation with Tiffany. Her transparency was so refreshing. I hope that you were encouraged by it as well. Remember to check out her book. Send it as a gift to an expecting mother. And follow her on all her social platforms.

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