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Hospital Bag Non-essentials

The moment you get to the hospital, the bill tab starts. From what you eat to the number of days you stay in the hospital, is all billed to your insurance. Your room will be filled with mommy and baby supplies that you will need during and after your stay. So, leave room in your bags to stock up. Take advantage of all the “free” stuff and save your items for home.

Labor and Delivery Gown

I would recommend using the hospital’s gowns. Labor and delivery is beautifully messy. You will be making many trips to the bathroom with accidents along the way. And when it’s time to push your little human out, it will not be pretty. Take my advise. Use the hospital’s gowns for labor and delivery. Then, change into your matching pjs for pictures with your new baby.

Underwear and Pads

While in labor, there is no need for underwear. It will be hassle going back and forth to the bathroom…trying to pull them down in the middle of a contraction. Plus your cervix is constantly being checked for dilation progress. And labor turns to delivery very fast. The last thing you want to worry is underwear. After delivery, the hospital has plenty of disposable underwear and the thickest pads you have ever seen. Use the supply at the hospital and stock up for home. You will need plenty during your recovery.

Pampers and Wipes

Your little bundle of joy will be wheeled in a baby cart filled with baby supplies. Diapers, wipes, diaper cream, Vaseline, and more. Bring an empty bag to fill up on baby rations. Be kind to your nurse. She may fill it up one more time before you leave. Also, if you have a boy, stock up on the pre-lubricated gauzes for his circumcision.

Breast pump, Bottles and Nipples

Most likely you will be given a brand new pump from your insurance with new bottles and nipples. While in the hospital, if you need to pump, they will have one available with bottles and nipples as well. When it’s time to leave, you know what to do. Fill your bag with all the feeding supplies you need. Nipple cream, bottles, baby formula, breast pads and nipple guards.

Over-sized Toiletry Bag

Now, if you are like me this can be a challenge. There is so much that goes into your beauty routine. You have hair, hygiene, feminine care, make-up and skin care. Take it from me, do not over pack. Find the travel sizes of your favorite products or use little containers. Have your hair in a low maintenance style so you don’t need too many hair care items. If you want to pack a little make-up to help you feel like your self again, only bring essentials (foundation, eye brow pencil, lip gloss, mascara). You do not need a full three hour contoured face. The hospital will have toiletries too. Just bring the items that are most important to you. I packed skin care products, natural deodorant, shower gel and make-up must haves.

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I love this !!! Lori ❤️

Tamela Porter
Tamela Porter
May 12, 2021
Replying to

I’m so glad. I completely over packed the first time

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