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Hospital bag essentials

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

There are so many checklist out there that it can be overwhelming when packing your hospital bag. I completely over packed with my first child. With my second child, I packed a little smarter. Here is a list of my hospital bag essentials, all purchased from Amazon.

For Mommy

  • Footies: Hospitals are cold. You want to keep your toes warm.

  • Cute outfit for pics: There are many cute mommy and baby matching outfits your can choose from. Don’t forget to your support partner.

  • Extra PJs : My favorite are the gowns with nursing bras build into them. They are so convenient and comfortable.

  • Slip on shoes: Try to find shoes with a good grip and easy to slide on. When pregnant and after giving birth, the last thing you will want to do is bend down to put on shoes

  • Lip Balm: Your mouth and lips can get so dry during labor. Bring your favorite lip balm to keep your lips from cracking.

  • Nursing bras: if you gown does not have one

  • Deodorant (natural if nursing): Choosing a natural deodorant without aluminum is good for nursing moms . Your milk ducks extend under your arms and you don’t want any harmful chemicals leaking into your milk supply

  • Wash cloth: the hospital will have some towels, but they are usually cleaned with strong chemicals and are extremely rough. Bring a soft wash cloth or loofah for a relaxing shower.

  • Tea bags and honey: After giving birth, you may need a stool softener to help you use the bathroom. I chose to drink smooth move tea instead. It is natural and easy on the stomach.

  • Favorite drinks: You and your partner will be drained. Boost your energy and hydrate yourself with an electrolyte infused drink. Fruit infused water is another great option. Bring sparking juice to celebrate after delivery. You can pick up a small bottle from he dollar store.

  • Plenty of Snacks: Once you have made it to the hospital you are restricted to a liquid diet. You and your partner will be hungry. While in labor, eat high protein snacks for energy. Pack all your favorite treats to celebrate after you deliver.

For Support Partner

  • Wallet: for food, parking, and good coffee. The hospital food and coffee are not the best. Your partner will be making a few trips to the coffee shop and retail grab go.

  • Comfortable shoes: This is a must. Your partner will be on their feet the majority of the time. Pack a pair of shower shoes as well.

  • Pillow: Hospital pillows are usually plastic and flat. You will want a fluffy pillow to rest comfortably, especially if you are in bed most of the time.

  • Laptop/iPad: download your favorite books, moves or audios for downtime. You may be able to stream if the hospital has free internet.

  • Bathing Suit: If you are having a water birth or need support in the shower, your partner will be more comfortable in a bathing suit.

For Baby

  • Car seat: you will not be able to leave the hospital without it. The nurses will ask to see the carseat before you leave.

  • Outfit for pictures: a hat with a matching swaddle blanket is perfect.

  • Going home outfit: pack newborn and 0-3 month. You won’t know the size of your baby until they are born.

  • Car seat cover: If it is warm use a light cover or blanket. If it is cold, use a cozy carseat cover. They will keep your baby warm and protected from the elements in the air.

For the room

  • Essential oil spray: Diffusers are not allowed in the hospital but you can use a spray or roll on. Spray your pillow and sheets for a little aroma therapy.

  • Battery candles: lit candles are not allowed as well. Bring a few battery operated candles to create the ambiance.

  • Long cord chargers and bricks: The charger cord that comes with your phone will be too short to use while charging. Save your self the hassle a buy a pack of long charger cords for all your devices.

  • Thank you card for nurses or a candy bowl: You will spend the most time with your nurses. They will be supporting you through your pre and post natal care. A thank you card or candy dish is a kind gesture to show your gratitude.

Download the a full checklist below

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