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Mom-versation with Tiffany Porter

Tiffany Porter-Beeler is a wife, mom of 2, career professional, entrepreneur (Co-owner of LT InspireMe Box), community leader and also my sister-in-law. I have always admired her confidence, style, love for God and her family. But what I admire most is how she (and her husband) raised her children to be assertive, well-rounded leaders for their generation. Here's a small recap our our mom-versation. Enjoy!

What inspired you and your daughter to start the LT Inspire Me Box?

Amidst the pandemic, many people can attest to the range of emotions experienced while being in quarantine. This birthed the idea to send encouragement to women, in hopes to put a smile on their face during these difficult times. LT InspireME Box is a monthly subscription surprise box filled with paraphernalia and self care products along with an encouraging message.

Teaching Life Lessons

During our conversation she shared a few life lessons she taught her kids.

  • Can’t is not an option

  • Be independent

  • Value your parents as well as others

  • NO matter what the situation is talk to us about it.

  • Trust us enough to know we have your best interest at heart.

  • Allow your kids to voice their opinion

  • Developing a relationship of trust

Releasing your children

“Be able to sacrifice your conveniences to invest the time in your kids”

Tiffany instilled in her children at young age the value of education and hard work. Her and her husband invested time into their kids to help develop their interests. They reminded them constantly “What you do now effects your life later”. Well, I would say their investment has paid off. Their two children are college educated, lovers of God, business minded and grounded young adults.

Difficult Times

“It’s not that I don’t trust you, I don’t trust other people”

The most difficult times in parenting were the early years and middle school age. She shares how leaving the hospital with a newborn effected her. When you’re in the hospital, you have all the help you need. But when you go home, the full responsibility weighs on you.

Tiffany also talks about peer pressure during the middle school years. “Getting your kids to trust you more than their friends is hard”. This is why keeping an open door policy is so critical. Tiffany always wanted her children to feel comfortable talking to them about anything.

I throughly enjoyed listening to Tiffany reflect on her experience of motherhood. It encouraged me to cultivate a trusting relationship with my kids. I want them to be comfortable with sharing their thoughts, ideas and even mistakes with me. I hope you picked up some tips, tools and encouragement as well as I did.

Tiffany’s Handles LT Inspire Me Box: Instagram | Facebook | website

Tiffany Porter: Facebook | Instagram

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